Lots of bugs have been fixed in LuxRender since RC5, and if all goes well, the 0.6 release is right around the corner.

Since we’ve had to move hosts recently, I’ve added the files here as a mirror in case something goes wrong:


Windows 32bit SSE2: luxrender_v06_RC6_win32_SSE1.zip (4.14 Mb) recommended
Windows 32bit SSE1: luxrender_v06_RC6_win32_SSE2.zip (4.15 Mb) compatibility for older CPU’s

Windows 64bit: luxrender_v06_RC6_win64.zip (5.15 Mb)

Mac OS X®

OS X 10.4+ 32bit: LuxRender-06RC6-Install-OSXintel32.dmg.zip (12.9 Mb)
OS X 10.4+ 64bit: LuxRender-06RC6-Install-OSXintel64.dmg.zip (13.3 Mb)


32 bit: lux_v06rc6_ia32.tar.bz2 (11 Mb)
64 bit: lux_v06rc6_x64.tar.bz2 (9.1 Mb)

Posted on: September 13, 2009
Categories: Programming

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